Friday, September 14, 2007

James Turner's Map of Humanity

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This is the world of our making, carved out of our actions, built upon the collective achievements of the human race. It is an attempt to map the last six thousand years of human history and thought upon a theoretical geography to discover a sense of what kind of civilization humanity has attained. And like the geography of human nations, it is in constant flux, changing and growing as long as mankind walks the face of the earth. It took over a year to research, continues to expand as I add new places, took 5 months to build, has thousands of locations based on history and fiction. Mammoth project, at least for me. I’m trying to get the thing published but publishers are not cooperating. The struggle continues! (The Map Room: James Turner Explains What He Does)

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Katya said...

I love your work, it is incredible. I was studing your map for hours, but it is difficult to see some places, because of low resolution.
James, I want to have this map on my wall, Where I can buy it, and how much this map cost?
Katya =^-^=