Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Badlands - Trailer (1973)

On November 30, 1957, Charles Starkweather went to a Lincoln gas station where he tried to buy a stuffed toy dog for Caril on credit. The attendant, Robert Colvert, refused, and Charles left, furious. At three in the morning on December 1, 1957, Charles returned to the station with a 12 gauge shotgun. Initially, he left the gun in the car, went into the station, and bought cigarettes from Colvert, who was working alone. Starkweather left, drove down the road, turned around, and returned to the station, again leaving the gun in the car. This time he purchased a pack of gum, then once again left and drove away. He parked a distance away from the gas station, put on a bandanna and hat, then walked to the station with the shotgun and a canvas bag. He held Colvert at gun point and got $100 from the cash drawer before forcing Colvert to march back to his car. Charles drove Colvert to an abandoned area and made him get out of the car, at which point Colvert attacked Charles and attempted to get hold of the shotgun. The shotgun fired in the scuffle, knocking Colvert to his knees; Starkweather then executed the stunned Colvert with a shotgun blast to the head. Starkweather would later claim that in the aftermath of the murder he believed that he had transcended his former self to reach a new plane of existence in which he was above and outside the law. He confessed the robbery to Caril immediately, but claimed someone else had killed Colvert, which Caril did not believe.(Wikipedia: Charles Starkweather)

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