Tuesday, May 13, 2008



Since its launch in March of '08, Muxtape has become ridiculously popular. I've made a mix that you can listen to here. Some background:

There’s nothing like making a mix-tape for that special someone, but when was the last time you actually bought a blank cassette and put in the two hours to actually do it? Or a mix CD for that matter? Well, as the times change and digital slowly snuffs physical media, it’s good to know we can still whip one up. Thanks to Muxtape.com, your mix can be compiled without desperately searching for that lost glue stick. Despite some by-passable restrictions — a 12-song maximum per identity — the service only requires a quick registration before you can dig into your computer’s crates and craft your comp. With a simple yet savvy interface and a flourishing community to trade with, Muxtape makes life easier for that enthusiast looking to share the latest finds or woo a crush. (Exclaim! Magazine)

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matt said...

'tis a great mux.