Saturday, September 27, 2008

Strategic Questions #2


The Strategic Questions series published by Book Works is " ongoing project to develop forty projects related to forty questions written by R. Buckminster Fuller. Each project is an artwork or a combination of artworks, developed in response to one of the questions."

Fuller's forty questions, from Utopia or Oblivion (which is my new favorite book title, btw):

1. What do we mean by universe?
2. Has man a function in universe?
3. What is thinking?
4. What are experiences?
5. What are experiments?
6. What is subjective?
7. What is objective?
8. What is apprehension?
9. What is comprehension?
10. What is positive? Why?
11. What is negative? Why?
12. What is physical?
13. What is metaphysical?
14. What is synergy?
15. What is energy?
16. What is brain?
17. What is intellect?
18. What is science?
19. What is a system?
20. What is consciousness?
21. What is subconsciousness?
22. What is teleology?
23. What is automation?
24. What is a tool?
25. What is industry?
26. What is animate?
27. What is inanimate?
28. What are metabolics?
29. What is wealth?
30. What is intuition?
31. What are aesthetics?
32. What is harmonic?
33. What is prosaic?
34. What are the senses?
35. What are mathematics?
36. What is structure?
37. What is differentiation?
38. What is integration?
39. What is integrity?
40. What is "truth? "

Fuller: "It is my working assumption that the following 40 questions must be definitely answered before we may realistically discuss our respective philosophies and grand strategies."

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