Sunday, February 28, 2010

Nigel Cross: Design as a Discipline

Nigel Cross:

Nigel Cross is Emeritus Professor of Design Studies.

With academic and practical backgrounds in architecture and industrial design, I have been engaged in design research and design education since the nineteen-sixties. My Open University teaching was mainly on undergraduate level courses in design and technology. My research has been in computer-aided design, design methodology and design epistemology. My principal research interest is in design cognition, analysing the cognitive activities and abilities of designers, through protocol and other studies.

Designerly Ways of Knowing:

The concept of ‘designerly ways of knowing’ emerged in the late 1970s in association with the development of new approaches in design education. Professor Nigel Cross first clearly articulated this concept in a paper called ‘Designerly Ways of Knowing’ which was published in the journal Design Studies in 1982. Since then, the field of study has grown considerably, as both design education and design research have developed together into a new discipline of design. This book provides a unique insight into a field of study with important implications for design research, education and practice.

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